Greyhound Rescue, Inc.

Serving; Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

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Female Greyhounds

Available KB's Silly Rich "KB's SIlly Rich," a redheaded Redskins fan, was recently returned due to her owner's inability to care for her. Prior to her return she was kenneled, and as a "Golden girl" (11 years old), she had lost a few pounds. She's been in foster for a few weeks for observation- to ensure this sweet girl doesn't have any health concerns.
Available Dutch Voda Hi, I'm Dutch and I want to tell you a little about myself. I have heard that the gorgeous black dogs sometimes have difficulty finding homes so I'll tell you about myself so you'll pick me over the others. I'm not overly exuberant like some but I do like to show my affection by wagging my tail and smiling with my eyes.
Available SE's Easi Flash Don't blink because you may miss me, I am the Flash. I may not even be at the kennel because I found a home so fast! I must say I am the most affectionate dog at the kennel. Scratch my ears and rub my belly and I'll be yours forever. Along with these wonderful treats I greatly enjoy snuggling up and watching movies. All Dogs Go to Heaven is my new favorite.
Available CTW On Facebook Calling all social media buffs, get your private access to Facebook! You can use this gorgeous black girl to find all kinds of friends - at the park, PetSmart, PetCo, on all your walks, the list goes on and on. Not only will I help you find friends I'll help you keep your New Year's resolutions by getting more exercise every day by walking and playing the yard. Sounds good?

Male Greyhounds

Available Flying Mewtwo If you are looking for a larger Greyhound Mewtwo is looking for you. I am a gorgeous fawn boy with a heart as big as my body. Snuggling, loving and being your best friend is my retirement goal. If you don't want me taking up your couch, bed and any other soft place in your house don't talk to Denise. BUT if you are looking for this I am your guy.
Available Kirby York "Kirby York" wants to know, are you looking for a dog that looks like a Dalmatian with the personality of a Greyhound? If so, look no further - Kirby is your man. Sadly, he's been returned to us through no fault of his own. Sometimes they just aren't a good fit. Not only is he one handsome black and white Greyhound, he's a true gentleman.
Available Imark Bruce Have you ever seen ears that can do this? I am the most talented Greyhound at the kennel. I can make kibble and rabbits disappear and new friends appear. I arrived at the kennel an athlete and am looking forward to becoming a couch potato. Snoozing in the sun, racing around the yard, and taking up the couch are my new dreams. If you want to see a Greyhound with incredible ears call Denise today!
Available Imark Dan Marino Calling all Dolphins fans, get your very own retired Dan Marino! This guy is way better in hundreds of ways, like he can run 35mph, sleeps 18 hours a day and will love you with all his heart. This gorgeous red boy is looking for a forever home with lots of soft places to snooze and kibble to eat. If this is your kind of fun call Denise today and take him today tomorrow.
Available Jax Cisco Do you believe in magic? I do. I can make things disappear, like kibble, treats, stuffies, and even your side of the bed. I am an almost 4 year old black boy with the heart of a 1 year old. I love to romp and play and occasionally get into some mischief. I love to shred stuffies, the more stuffing the better. But don't worry, I'm not all that bad.
Available Dutch Magnum Aren't I the cutest Greyhound you have ever seen?? Look at this cute white stripe on my nose - how adorable is that?! I may have a strong name but my personality is all goofy. I love to wiggle, dance and make you smile with my antics. I love to romp in the yard, toss my stuffies, and cruise the strip in the car.